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Membership Renewal

Membership Renewal Instructions

If you require an amount that is not listed below, please select a membership level that is less than your renewal amount and enter the difference into the "Contribution Amount" box.

Example: In order to renew a $550 membership, please select the Individual ($100) membership level and then enter the difference ($550-$100=$450) into the "Contribution Amount" box. The entire amount ($550) will be confirmed on the next page as well as the PayPal confirmation page which you will be redirected to after confirming the amount.















Paying with credit/debit card? No problem, PayPal is able to process your card without having a PayPal account. Simply click on the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" button to proceed.




















If you have any questions or would prefer to renew by phone, please give us a call at 808-536-4587.


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