2020 Legislative Tax Measures

Enclosed is our list of 2020 Legislative Tax Measures covered so far in this session.

The first page of the list is the list of bills introduced by the Executive Branch.  These are organized by agency:

  • AGR = Dept. of Agriculture
  • BED = Dept. of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism
  • BUF = Dept. of Budget and Finance
  • CCA = Dept. of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
  • HTH = Dept. of Health
  • LNR = Dept. of Land and Natural Resources
  • PSD = Dept. of Public Safety
  • TAX = Dept. of Taxation
  • TRN = Dept. of Transportation

Subsequent pages in the list are organized by tax type, and within tax type by bill number.

Numbers in strikethrough text are measures that appear to be dead, either because they missed a deadline or because they were deferred by a committee hearing the measure.  However, no measure is permanently dead until the legislative session adjourns.

Please use the category links (by tax type) or the search tools.

Grid #1 PDF

HB 339, HD-1

SUBJECT:  INCOME, Increase Tax Credit for Research Activities


INTRODUCED BY:  House Committee on Economic Development and Business

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:  Amends HRS section 235-110.91 to provide that the tax credit for research activities is increased to 125% of any credit calculated under section 41 of the Internal Revenue Code.  At a minimum the bill needs to clarify the effect on Act 26, SLH 2019, which last year amended the same section of the HRS.

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SB 1267; HB 1041 (Identical)

SUBJECT:  INCOME, ESTATE, Conformity to Internal Revenue Code

BILL NUMBER:  SB 1267; HB 1041 (Identical)

INTRODUCED BY:  SB by KOUCHI by request; HB by SAIKI by request

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:  Conforms the Hawaii income tax and estate and generation-skipping transfer taxes to federal changes adopted through December 31, 2018.  This bill at a minimum must be amended to take account of the amendments made by Act 69, SLH 2019.

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HB 1046; SB 1272 (Identical)

SUBJECT:  ADMINISTRATION, Require PTIN Use by Paid Preparers

BILL NUMBER:  HB 1046; SB 1272 (Identical)

INTRODUCED BY:  HB by SAIKI by request; SB by KOUCHI by request

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:  Requires those who prepare tax returns for compensation to have a federally issued Preparer Tax Identification Number, or PTIN.  This may make sense for income tax returns, but much of Hawaii tax involves excise taxes such as the GET.  It takes a different skill set entirely to properly prepare an excise tax return, so the requirement of a PTIN makes less sense as to such returns.

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HB 1957, HD-2

SUBJECT:  INCOME, Increase Low-Income Household Renters Credit


INTRODUCED BY: House Committee on Finance

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Adjusts the amount of the income tax credit for low-income household renters based on adjusted gross income and taxpayer filing status and provides for automatic adjustments to the tax credit based on the consumer price index. Effective 7/1/2025.

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