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Buy or sell an item on eBay charity, and designate any percentage of the proceeds to your favorite charity.


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If you’re going to shop at Amazon anyway, consider Amazon Smile, which is the same site with the same products, but if you use Amazon Smile and select your preferred charity, then some of the proceeds will be sent our way.


Giving Assistant

You can support Tax Foundation of Hawaii free just by shopping online! Use Giving Assistant to shop at 2,500+ popular retailers including Aliexpress (6%), Macy’s (7%), and Staples (5%), and they’ll donate as much as 30% of your total purchase price to Tax Foundation of Hawaii. It’s never been easier to change the world—one purchase at a time.

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Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle, Inc. is a digital storefront for video games, software, comics, and other software related literature. The Tax Foundation of Hawaii is a Humble Partner, and will receive 15% of each enabled Bundle purchase, 5% for each enabled Store purchase, and $10 for every new Humble Monthly subscriber.


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Donate through the PayPal Giving Fund, where your designated charity receives 100% of the donated amount.


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