The 2023 Intent to Veto List

On June 23, Gov. Green issued his intent to veto list.  Any bill that is now pending before him and not on the list will become law.  Any bill that is on the list may or not be vetoed; the … Read More

ThinkTech Hawaii: The Intent to Veto List (Talking Tax)

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Economic Downturn Might Have Saved us. The hosts for this show are Jay Fidell and Tom Yamachika. Gov. Green recently released his Intent to Veto list. He started with line-item vetoes to the budget bill and then released a list … Read More

Economic Misfortune Can Fix Our “Shadow Budget”

In recent weeks, we have been reporting on Hawaii’s “shadow budget.”  We found out that a first responders’ campus in central Oahu, even when a bill to create it was stomped on, shaken violently, and killed in the House, could … Read More