Tale of the Tape

When we analyze how well, or how poorly, our economy is faring in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and then try to craft appropriate corrective action, we often hear the buzzword “data-driven.” ”Data-driven,” in general terms, means we want a … Read More

Pulling Teeth at OHA

Imagine that you wake up one day to an awful toothache, and you march into your dentist’s office. But then your dentist says, “Well, you tell me your tooth hurts, but can you prove that you have a cavity?” “Um … Read More

Academic Leadership

Recently, the University of Hawaii announced that it was going to take steps to combat the anticipated budget shortfall caused by our economic shutdown and the consequent drop in tax revenues. Effective November 1, it will be paying its executive … Read More

Standardless Spending

We are feverishly trying to spend federal dollars for the common good and busily preparing for a historic election.  There are, however, other huge projects in the wings where government agencies are setting up to spend record-setting amounts of money … Read More

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