Mucking Around in the Past?

By Tom Yamachika, President   On Thursday, June 22nd, the board of Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) stunned critics by cancelling a special audit that would have examined past cost overruns. Ember Shinn, former City Managing Director and HART … Read More

Anatomy of Epic Fail on Rail

By Tom Yamachika, President   In early May, on the day our Legislature adjourned, one of the newspapers summarized our Legislature’s work on the Honolulu transit surcharge extension as “Epic Fail on Rail.”  With the Federal Highway Administration poised to … Read More

A Raid by Any Other Name…

By Tom Yamachika, President We have written before about GEMS (Green Energy Market Securitization), a program adopted by our state government in 2013.  The state wanted to facilitate the buildout of “clean energy infrastructure,” a necessary step to reaching its … Read More

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