A Penny For Education

One of the bills making its way through our legislative system this session is one that would create a special fund for public education, and then funnel to that fund twenty-five percent of all the money that our General Excise … Read More

Trump Tax In Hawaii?

One of the more visible tax issues that our lawmakers will be thinking about this session is how to adapt the new federal tax law changes, sometimes called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and what we have been calling … Read More

The Value Of A Refundable Credit

In the 2017 legislative session, our legislature passed an earned income tax credit (EITC), which its supporters maintain is the best solution to lift families out of poverty since sliced bread.  At the Department of Taxation‘s urging, however, the EITC … Read More

Oops! Math Error!

The National Taxpayer Advocate recently produced a “Purple Book” containing her top 50 recommendations for the IRS.  One of them concerned “math error authority,” which brought to mind one of the failings in Hawaii’s tax system. On the federal side, … Read More

TrumpTax, Part 2

One of the new, key components of Trump Tax is a provision important to the vast majority of small businesses.  Practitioners may know it as the Section 199A deduction. Under Trump Tax, corporations that used to see a maximum tax … Read More

TrumpTax, Part 1

As we nervously await the opening of the 2018 Legislature, we wonder how our state will approach tax conformity now that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, or “Trump Tax,” is now law. Most states, including ours, conform to federal … Read More

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