The Two Gorillas Still Menace the Budget

In the upcoming legislative session, which is right around the corner from now, there is going to be tremendous budgetary pressure. For one thing, lots of resources were used for wildfire relief efforts. This money had to come from somewhere. … Read More

The Lahaina Recovery Fund

One of the more innovative items announced by the Governor’s office when it comes to disaster relief measures is the creation of a Lahaina Recovery Fund. In a press release announcing the measure, the Governor’s Office said that the concept … Read More

Owning in a Burn Zone

These days, there is much talk in the news about rebuilding the burn zone that was once Lahaina.  Can the former capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii be restored to its former 1800’s glory?  Should it be keeping a character … Read More

Crossing the Rubicon Again

When we were in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and Governor Ige was peppering us with emergency proclamations early and often, we at the Tax Foundation accepted that the Governor had emergency authority but questioned some of the things … Read More

Who Really Pays?

Have you ever thought about who, really, pays the cost of something like a Lahaina wildfire or a Hurricane Iniki? In the Lahaina wildfire case, victims are getting assistance from our federal and state governments. Some of them are trying … Read More

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