Bride of Frankenbill!

We wrote last week about House Bill 58, a “Frankenbill” made from bits and pieces of other bills.  By putting those pieces into a bill that is still alive at the Legislature, those pieces are given new life. It turns … Read More

Return of the Frankenbill!

Most of us have heard of “Frankenstein,” a novel written in 1818 by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.  The story’s protagonist, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, created a creature by assembling bits and pieces from cadavers and then bringing it to life using some … Read More

Maintenance of Effort, Part 2

A little more than a month ago, we ranted on about Senate Bill 815, the “maintenance of effort” bill, that would ensure funding for the Department of Education (DOE). After some refinement after going through several legislative committees, it now … Read More

National Attention!

We in Hawaii are getting national (and some international) attention. But not the good kind. Witness an editorial from the Wall Street Journal that was published on March 12, 2021, titled “Confiscation in Paradise:  Move to Hawaii, pay the nation’s … Read More

C’mon, Let’s Soak the Rich!

In the couple of weeks before the Legislature’s “First Decking” deadline, legislators were hearing tax-related bills, not only the “Enola Gay” bill we discussed last week.  Different tax increase bills of all stripes were being considered.  The testimony in response … Read More

More Taxes for Movies and TV

We have been railing for some weeks now about the goings-on at our Legislature.  This week we spotlight the Department of Taxation. On February 16th, the Department published a Tax Information Release, a public statement of interpretation of the law, … Read More

Maintenance of Effort

At the top of my list of pending legislation this week is the “maintenance of effort” bill, House Bill 611 and Senate Bill 815.  What it says is if the appropriated budget of the Department of Education (DOE) drops from … Read More

What Are They Thinking?

In the beginning of February each year, the Japanese celebrate the Setsubun festival. The festivities typically include roasted beans.  Family members throw them out the door, or start pelting one of their own members who is dressed up like a … Read More

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