Rail:  I Dunno About TAT

We are getting closer to the special session that our Legislature has scheduled to continue its discussion about funding Honolulu rail.  During this past session, the House and Senate were unable to agree on a common version of a bill … Read More

The Grand Skim of Things, Part 2

By Tom Yamachika, President Last week, we began a discussion about the 5% charge that is assessed against the “special funds” in Hawaii government, which we called the “Central Services Skim.”  For the last few fiscal years, the Central Services … Read More

No Hanahana, Kaukau Anyway

By Tom Yamachika Growing up in these islands, I always heard the part-Hawaiian proverb that describes a very simple work ethic: “No hanahana, no kaukau.”  Meaning: if you don’t work, you don’t eat. Recently, some very notable people including Mark … Read More

EITC:  Devil in the Details

By Tom Yamachika, President On July 10, 2017, Governor Ige proudly signed House Bill 209, a bill that establishes a Hawaii earned income tax credit (HI-EITC for short).  The EITC has been described as “a federal tax credit that helps … Read More

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