The Budget Is Signed

On June 30, Gov. Green hosted a signing ceremony on the fifth floor of the Capitol where he dutifully put pen to paper and signed into law the state budget, House Bill 300, and the tax credit bill, House Bill … Read More

The 2023 Intent to Veto List

On June 23, Gov. Green issued his intent to veto list.  Any bill that is now pending before him and not on the list will become law.  Any bill that is on the list may or not be vetoed; the … Read More

Economic Misfortune Can Fix Our “Shadow Budget”

In recent weeks, we have been reporting on Hawaii’s “shadow budget.”  We found out that a first responders’ campus in central Oahu, even when a bill to create it was stomped on, shaken violently, and killed in the House, could … Read More

Fevella’s Film Feud

On Wednesday, May 31st, there was a press conference held at the State Capitol regarding the Hawaii movie and TV production tax credit.  Two of the main speakers were Kevin Holu of Hawaii Teamsters Local 996 and Senator Kurt Fevella … Read More

Hawaii’s Shadow Budget

Recently there has been criticism heaped on the Supreme Court of the United Sates for making very important rulings via a “shadow docket” consisting of motions for various kinds of emergency relief.  Those rulings are typically made on the papers … Read More

Another Rainy Day Slush Fund

Many of us in Hawaii are aware that we have an Emergency and Budget Reserve Fund, enshrined in chapter 328L, Hawaii Revised Statutes, to save money for a “rainy day,” that is to say, an emergency.  In the most recent … Read More

Ding Dong, the Green Fee is Dead

Environmentalists are bemoaning the apparent demise of the “Visitor Green Fee,” a $50 charge that would need to be paid by whoever, as a nonresident, wants to visit parks, beaches, scenic sites, and other places of natural beauty.  Most of … Read More

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