The ConAm Returns Again

Back in 2018, we as voters were inundated with impassioned arguments on both sides of a proposed constitutional amendment (“ConAm” for short).  The amendment would have given the State the power to impose a surcharge on real property tax, ostensibly … Read More

Hoarding School Impact Fees

Here in Hawaii, our Department of Education is unique in several respects.  In most states, K-12 education is handled by localities such as towns and counties and is largely funded by property tax.  Our DOE, however, is descended from royalty … Read More

What Were They Thinking?

It’s now 2024 and a new session of the Hawaii Legislature is upon us.  The deadline for introducing bills for consideration by the Legislature has passed, and the process to separate the wheat from the proverbial chaff has begun. In … Read More

Oh BOI, More Red Tape for All

A new reporting requirement has kicked in this year, and lots of people will be affected. The reason for the requirement is a growing perception that ultra-wealthy oligarchs, bad actors, and others are seeing us—the United States—as a haven where … Read More

More Tax Hikes Coming

It isn’t very far into the new year, but already the tax hike proposals have begun. As reported by Hawaii News Now, Gov. Josh Green is proposing some “revenue raisers” to have resources available to fight wildfires and other environmental … Read More

Tax Word Find

The ball has dropped in New York and it is now 2024, and we are waiting for our lawmakers to convene and, among other things, remedy the consequences of some other folks who dropped the ball. As we did at … Read More

Restaurants Getting Cooked

A number of restaurants are in a pinch recently.  Here’s what happened to them. A few years ago, the COVID-19 pandemic began.  In the initial months of the pandemic, many governments including ours locked down the populace.  People who were … Read More

Merry Wet Christmas for Honolulu BWS

In late November, the Honolulu Board of Water Supply (BWS) approved a Christmas present for itself – a five-year schedule of rate increases that result in the cost of water in Honolulu going up by about 50%.  Two of the … Read More

School Non-Spending

In this space, we have been writing a lot about grief caused by spending taxpayer money unwisely. It turns out that lots of grief can also be caused by failure to spend it. Recently, according to reporting by Civil Beat, … Read More

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