Don’t Let Them Double Up!

Following a major U.S. Supreme Court decision in 2018 (South Dakota v. Wayfair), many States, including ours, enacted “economic nexus” legislation, which means that we consider any business that transacts $100,000 or more in Hawaii sales or 200 or more … Read More

Red Flags at OHA

A recent, eagerly awaited independent financial review of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) has been in the news lately.  The review, conducted by the California-based accounting firm CliftonLarsenAllen (“CLA”), made several observations and recommendations, including the flagging of 32 … Read More

Ninety-One Hours in a Work Week?!

Recently, the website, a financial literacy website with interesting visualizations about various financial topics, came out with a comparison called, “This is How Long You Need to Work to Live Comfortably in Every State.” Those folks tried to calculate, … Read More

Let’s Not Tax Transportation

Some folks ask me if I have any radical ideas to change the tax system in Hawaii.  Here’s one:  Stop taxing transportation of goods and people. Before you stop laughing uproariously, though, consider this. First, we can’t tax air transportation.  … Read More

Wealth Is a Sin?

A recent op-ed column in Real Clear Politics by Scott Hodge, president of the national Tax Foundation (not related to the Tax Foundation of Hawaii although the names are similar) brought up some interesting ideas, spurred by the announced plans … Read More

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