Courage Needed If Taxes Are To Be Reduced

By Lowell L. Kalapa One of the guest speakers invited to address the Taxation Working Group of the Economic Revitalization Task Force last week was flat tax “guru” Professor Alvin Rabushka of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. Although Rabushka’s … Read More

Doing a Disservice in Spending Tax Dollars

By Lowell L. Kalapa It seems that taxpayers wouldn’t mind the high burden of taxes if they thought they were getting a good return of public services for their hard earned tax dollars. That seemed to be the sentiment of … Read More

Danger in Using the Gas Tax For Auto Insurance

By Lowell L. Kalapa One of the reasons insurance experts give for the high cost of no-fault auto insurance premiums is that there are a lot of drivers driving around without insurance. As a result, those drivers who do purchase … Read More

Can a Sales Tax Replace the General Excise?

By Lowell L. Kalapa It appears that the idea of a sales tax is being passed around the table of the economic summit as one of the “solutions” to get the economy going again. Apparently some believe that the general … Read More

Correction of Economy Begins With Government

By Lowell L. Kalapa So, we are going to have an economic summit. The question is, will it be the same old ideas and the same old rhetoric that we have been hearing from the administration and lawmakers? It seems … Read More

Don’t Confuse Incentives With Tax Relief

As the much touted economic summit garners more attention, it appears that some of the spotlight will be turned on the tax arena as a possible avenue to “jump start” the economy. And why shouldn’t taxes be a target of … Read More

Do We Need An Economic Summit?

By Lowell L. Kalapa The latest hype coming out of an administration gearing up for a re-election campaign is the call for an economic summit to discuss strategies on how to right the economic ship of state. While protocol dictates … Read More

Creating Jobs Should Be High on the Agenda

By Lowell L. Kalapa It seems that the pot is beginning to boil as more and more people are turning their “thumbs down” on the state’s economy and are questioning the accomplishments of the state legislature. As if the seven-year … Read More

Counting The Numbers Should Be Done With Care

By Lowell L. Kalapa One of the arguments some state officials are making in defense of the status quo is that comparisons are being made between Hawaii and other states are unfair because apples and oranges are being compared. Officials … Read More

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