Freedom of Expression Often Stifled in Hawaii

By Lowell L. Kalapa An interesting facet of life here in Hawaii seems to have manifest as a result of the fervor to convince the public that the results of the Economic Revitalization Task Force are the best thing in … Read More

Funding Government in a Dwindling Economy

By Lowell L. Kalapa One gets a sense that with all the hype and muscle behind the Economic Revitalization Task Force, there seems to be an air of desperation as this event is termed a window of opportunity and a … Read More

Falling Short of Expectations

By Lowell L. Kalapa Since the report of the Economic Revitalization Task Force was released several weeks ago, we have received numerous requests for an evaluation of the report. However, because there is a dearth of information about the actual … Read More

Finding the Right Alternative Will Be a Challenge

By Lowell L. Kalapa Although the Economic Revitalization Task Force appears to have usurped one of the alternatives for funding the debt service of the convention center, it by no means rules out the possibility that lawmakers may still tap … Read More

Evading Accountability Rampant Among Lawmakers

By Lowell L. Kalapa It is interesting to watch elected officials as the Working Groups of the Economic Revitalization Task Force make their reports. There appears to be a lot of squirming and posturing as one by one these groups … Read More

Eschewing Tax Reductions Can Be Dangerous

By Lowell L. Kalapa The Working Groups of the Economic Revitalization Task Force will be making their reports to the Task Force all this week and next and like it or not lawmakers and other elected officials will hear a … Read More

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