Money Laying Around?

During this period of emergency and with our State facing revenue shortfalls of Brobdingnagian proportions, the State Auditor has been busy at work trying to find options for legislators to consider for getting the state budget back on track. In … Read More

Government in the Darkness

Previously in this space, we spoke of various laws that were suspended by the Governor’s emergency proclamations.  In a press release on March 17, 2020, entitled “Democracy Still Matters in Time of Pandemic,” the watchdog group Common Cause Hawaii pointed … Read More

Do Laws Still Apply?

Here we are, still amid the COVID-19 emergency, and there appears to be some confusion over what laws still apply.  The Governor and Mayors have put out orders using emergency authority, and the Governor has suspended many laws. We need … Read More

Can the Governor Raise Taxes Now?

“Governor Ige has emergency powers,” one alert reader said.  “Can he raise our taxes by himself?” The answer appears to be “no, but.” The Governor’s emergency powers relating to enforcement of existing laws are in Hawaii Revised Statutes chapter 127A.  … Read More

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