Dealing with the Insurance Crisis

One pair of bills being pushed very heavily in this past legislative session was House Bill 2686/Senate Bill 3234, relating to the stabilization of property insurance.  The bill was introduced because it appears that the property insurance carriers are starting … Read More

The Also-Rans

News has been piling up about many of the bills that made it through this year’s legislative session.  We will be discussing some of those in the weeks ahead.  But this week we will be focusing on some of those … Read More

And Now the Big Guns Come Out

Those of you who like to watch the legislative process unfold have probably wandered through (virtually, perhaps) a number of committee hearings.  Seeing these, you have probably gotten a taste of the power that legislative committee chairs wield.  The more … Read More

Aloha ThinkTech

For those of you who care about citizen journalism and the free flow of ideas here in Hawaii Nei, you probably should know about ThinkTech Hawaii.  For many years it has been providing a platform for people to broadcast about … Read More

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