States with Worst Return on Investment: We Win!

The financial site WalletHub has come up with its 2019 ranking of states with the best and, in our case, worst return on investment. Here’s the map:     Source: WalletHub Read the full report here.

Wireless Taxes and Fees Climb Again in 2018

From the Tax Foundation Key Findings A typical American household with four wireless phones paying $100 per month for taxable wireless service can expect to pay about $229 per year in wireless taxes, fees, and surcharges—up from $221 in 2017. … Read More

Over Long Term, Revenue Lags Behind Expenses in 10 States

From the Pew Charitable Trusts Even in the aftermath of two recessions, most states amassed sufficient revenue between fiscal years 2003 and 2017 to cover their expenses. But total revenue in 10 states fell short, jeopardizing their long-term fiscal flexibility … Read More

How States Raise Their Tax Dollars

From the Pew Charitable Trusts   Taxes make up almost half of state government revenue, with the bulk coming from levies on personal income and general sales of goods and services. Broad-based personal income taxes are the biggest source of tax … Read More

2018 Business Tax Climate Index

Here is the Tax Foundation’s study on the 2018 Business Tax Climate Index.  Hawaii came in at No. 27 out of 51 states (and the District of Columbia).          

2018’s States with the Best and Worst School Systems

From WalletHub [Editor’s Note:  This analysis is timely with the ballot measure coming up in November and the importance that the public schools have in Hawaii.  As with any other analysis published here, the Foundation does not necessarily endorse the … Read More

WalletHub: Hawaii Worst State to Start a Business

Starting a business is never easy. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, about a fifth of all startups typically don’t survive past year one of operation, and nearly half never make it to their fifth anniversary. But startups … Read More

Mapping 2018 Tax Reform

The national Tax Foundation has released an interactive map showing the impact of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act by Congressional district and by adjusted gross income range. Here it is:

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