Aloha ThinkTech

For those of you who care about citizen journalism and the free flow of ideas here in Hawaii Nei, you probably should know about ThinkTech Hawaii.  For many years it has been providing a platform for people to broadcast about … Read More

Fear of the Unknown

Usually, it’s possible to tell which bills in the legislative hopper provide tax breaks as opposed to tax hikes.  The bill replaces a current tax rate with another one, and if the new tax rate is higher it’s a tax … Read More

The Hawaii Estate Tax

In this year’s legislative session, there are bills advancing that would, if enacted, fundamentally change how Hawaii’s estate tax works.  Those bills include House Bills 2652 and 2653, and Senate Bill 3289. What is an estate tax?  It’s a tax … Read More

The ConAm Returns Again

Back in 2018, we as voters were inundated with impassioned arguments on both sides of a proposed constitutional amendment (“ConAm” for short).  The amendment would have given the State the power to impose a surcharge on real property tax, ostensibly … Read More

What Were They Thinking?

It’s now 2024 and a new session of the Hawaii Legislature is upon us.  The deadline for introducing bills for consideration by the Legislature has passed, and the process to separate the wheat from the proverbial chaff has begun. In … Read More

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