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ThinkTech Hawaii: Maybe More Tax Hikes Coming (Talking Tax)

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Preview of the 2024 Legislative Session.

The hosts for this show are Mark Coleman and Tom Yamachika. The guest is Dylan Moore.

It isn’t very far into the new year, but already the tax hike proposals have begun.

As reported by Hawaii News Now, Gov. Josh Green is proposing some ‘revenue raisers’ to have resources available to fight wildfires and other environmental disasters. He is proposing to raise $100 million by either hoisting the Transient Accommodations Tax (TAT) by one percentage point, or by imposing a ‘check-in fee’ of 25 bucks each time someone checks into a transient accommodation, be it a hotel, inn, or short-term rental.

There are other ‘revenue raising’ proposals as well, affecting the income tax, conveyance tax, and of course the GET.

We discuss some of the legislative proposals in the current session.

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