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ThinkTech Hawaii: Tourists, Keep Out (Talking Tax)

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Should the Government Force Tourists Out. The hosts for this show are Mark Coleman and Tom Yamachika.

As West Maui recovers from the devastating wildfires of a couple of months ago, residents, with some justification, are afraid of similar things happening to them. People whose homes burned down and are now living in hotels temporarily are worried that the hotels will kick them out in favor of paying tourists. People who worked in the visitor service industries don’t want to deal with tourists asking them about whether they were displaced and otherwise forcing them to relive the horrific wildfire day. Maybe people are concerned that they won’t appreciate tourists who do dumb or disrespectful things like taking selfies in the burned-out shell of a car, or what used to be one, on Front Street.

But does that justify the government forcing tourists out, as a petition to Gov. Green has requested?

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