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ThinkTech Hawaii: Aiming the Cannon at Monster Homes (Talking Tax)

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Not the Right Fix for the Problem. The hosts for this show are Mark Coleman and Tom Yamachika. The guest is Paul Brewbaker.

In Honolulu, some people have dealt with the housing crisis by building ‘monster homes,’ large houses built in land zoned for single-family homes. They can have as many as 20+ bedrooms and often stand at 3 or more stories tall, built in residential districts.

The current penalty for building one of these, in violation of building codes, is $250 per day of violation, up to $2,000. At the request of the Department of Planning and Permitting, Bill 52 provides an initial fine of $25,000, plus $10,000 per day without an upper limit, for a violation of certain development standards relating to maximum height; height setbacks; maximum floor area ratio; maximum numbers of wet bars, laundry rooms, and bathrooms; minimum sizes of yards, among other things.

That penalizes a lot of things in addition to monster homes.

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