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Here’s What We’re Following (House, 2023)

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Each year, thousands of bills are introduced in the House and the Senate.  It’s typical for the same bill to be introduced in both houses, in which case they get two different bill numbers, one for each.  Bills then proceed through the House and Senate, and may be amended, sometimes quite substantially.

It sometimes takes us a while to catch up to the Legislature, so please be patient!  During bill introduction we update this page often.

We are following 166 House bills out of 1514
We are following 134 Senate bills out of 1618
300 3132

More information on each bill can be found on the State Legislature’s Website or in our Legislative Tax Bill Service (login required).  We will prepare detailed information in the Legislative Tax Bill Service when a bill is scheduled for hearing in a House or Senate committee.

2/28/2023 Reviewed Through HB1514
This Year’s Bills Start at HB1
Highest Numbered Bill Now HB1514
Bill No. Brief Description Package Identifier
HB25 General income tax credit
HB35 Amends reporting required for non-general funds.
HB37 Abolishes non-general funds of OHA per auditor’s recommendations.
HB38 Reclassifies HRD special fund as a revolving fund per auditor’s recommendation.
HB39 Abolishes or reclassifies non-general funds of DOTAX per auditor’s recommendations.
HB40 Provides a tax credit to taxpayers and makes deposits to rainy day and OPEB funds.
HB71 Requires a GET number before summary possession proceedings are allowed.
HB74 GET exemption for servicing and maintenance of certain helicopters.
HB82 Expands eligibility for the health care preceptor tax credit.
HB148 Surcharge on conveyance tax for prolonged vacant property. SB1606
HB151 Changes estate tax exclusion amount to $___, denies exemption to nonresidents.
HB211 Establishes requirements for transient accommodations brokers.
HB233 Establishes refundable child tax credit payable monthly. Working Families Legis. Caucus SB357
HB276 Tax credit for making available parking spaces for peer-to-peer car sharing. SB1089
HB279 Allows for a % of GE and fuel taxes to be used for maintenance of private roadways that are open to the public.
HB284 GET exemption for cultivation and production of unprocessed taro.
HB311 GET exemption for sale of machinery, fuel, chemicals, seed, hui, animals, etc. related to kalo farming.
HB337 Raises the maximum tax on capital gains to 9% for individuals and 5% for corporations.
HB344 Legalizes sports wagering and imposes a tax of __% of receipts on licensees.  Also imposes GET of __%.
HB348 Allows counties to establish annual payment in lieu of RPT for renewable energy production.
HB351 Tax credit for condo owners whose maint. Fees are increased for a fire system retrofit.
HB389 Carbon sequestration tax credit.
HB398 Establishes refundable job creation income tax credit.
HB399 Tax credit for offering positions to qualified interns in work-based learning programs.
HB400  Income tax credit for employers that make available child care services to their employees.
HB440 Establishes an income tax credit for certain cesspool upgrades. Environmental Legis. Caucus SB947
HB442 Imposes visitor green fees. Environmental Legis. Caucus SB658
HB493 Amends the income brackets and credit amounts of the refundable food/excise tax credit.
HB514 Requires businesses to include GET amount in any price tag. Small Business Workgroup
HB537 Establishes a tax equal to seventy per cent of the manufacturer’s list price for electronic smoking devices and e-liquid products. SB1214
HB543 Establishes an income tax credit for taxpayers who purchase and install a whole house water filter system.
HB561 Requires tax credits to sunset or face a 1/3 annual reduction after five years. SB1117
HB567 Exempts DHHL housing development from GET and school impact fees. Native Hawaiian Affairs Caucus
HB607 Tax credit for producers shipping agricultural products interisland.
HB608 Organic foods production tax credit of 100% of qualified expenses up to $50K.
HB610 Establishes the farm workforce retention tax credit for farm employers or owners of farm employers who employ eligible farm employees.
HB612 Creates an income tax credit up to $10,000  to alleviate the high costs of production for farmers, ranchers, and fishers.
HB619 Establishes an income tax credit for qualified small farms  that donate eligible food products or prepared food to food banks or food pantries.
HB662 Exempts medical services provided by health care providers to patients who receive Medicaid, Medicare, or TRICARE benefits from the general excise tax. SB1035
HB700 Suspends the state fuel tax for the period of July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024.
HB753 Establishes a nonrefundable individual income tax credit for expenses paid to retrofit a residence with wind resistive devices. SB709
HB798 Clarifies the GET exemption for unrelated trade or business activities of nonprofit organizations. SB950
HB820 Establishes TAT rate of 25% for rentals of less than 30 days.
HB825 Excludes income received from deferred compensation retirement plans from the state income tax for certain taxpayers. SB597
HB852 Adds processing of value-added agricultural products as eligible enterprise zone activities. SB817
HB855 GET exemption for diapers
HB886 Eliminates the home mortgage interest deduction for second homes under Hawaiʻi income tax law. SB924
HB908 Amends the amount of conveyance tax to be deposited into the land conservation fund.
HB932 Changes the total amount of motion picture, digital media, and film production income tax credits allowed per year.
HB938 Tax Credit for employers who create on-site early childhood facilities.
HB947 Establishes a food manufacturer tax credit. SB1266
HB954 Changes the amount of the state earned income tax credit to an unspecified percentage of the federal earned income tax credit.
HB956 Allocates TAT revenues to the natural resource management special fund and the Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority. Repeals the allocation of TAT revenues to the special land and development fund.
HB982 [ATG-04] Increases fees for selling tobacco tax stamps.  Increases funding limits for special fund controlled by Attorney General. Governor SB1280
HB990 [BED-05] Consolidates the survey and certification requirements for the research activities tax credit.  Imposes a cap per taxpayer (including related entities). Governor SB1288
HB997 [BED-12] ConAm providing that the legislature may authorize political subdivisions, such as counties, to issue tax increment bonds which would not count toward the debt limit. Governor SB1295
HB1049 [GOV-01] Adds new tax credit for teacher’s expenses. Increases the amounts for the income tax brackets, personal exemption amount and standard deduction amounts. Governor SB1347
HB1050 [GOV-02] GET exemption for certain groceries, feminine hygiene products, incontinence products & over the counter drugs. Governor SB1348
HB1051 [GOV-03] Establishes the visitor green fee program.  Charges nonresidents annual fee of $50 to use state-owned natural resources. Governor SB1349
HB1052 [GOV-04] Establishes the Climate Impact Special Fund, allocates five cents per barrel from the barrel tax to the Climate Impact Special Fund. Governor SB1350
HB1054 [GOV-06] GET exemption for construction of affordable housing units. Governor SB1352
HB1055 [HHL-03] GET exemption for DHHL housing/homestead lot development. Governor SB1353
HB1077 [HTH-07] Amends tobacco tax law to include e-cigs.  Hikes licensing fees. Governor SB1375
HB1084 [HTH-17] Substantial hikes in the liquor tax. Governor SB1382
HB1100 [TAX-01] Conforms Hawaiʻi income and estate and generation-skipping transfer tax laws to Internal Revenue Code. Governor SB1398
HB1101 [TRN-01] Exempts the State from county stormwater user fees. Governor SB1399
HB1103 [TRN-03] Emergency appropriation for newly established special fund to the Department of Transportation Highways Division’s Electric Bicycle and Electric Moped Rebate Program. Governor SB1401
HB1110 [TRN-11] Establishes road usage charge for electric vehicles, eliminates vehicle registration surcharge for electric vehicles. Governor SB1408
HB1121 Income tax exemption for the gain realized from leased fee interest sale upon leasehold conversion.
HB1143 Exempts feminine hygiene products from the general excise tax.
HB1146 Establishes a carbon emissions tax credit. Expands the environmental response, energy, and food security tax to include carbon emissions. SB1004
HB1162 Establishes a visitor impact fee program. Establishes the Environmental Legacy Commission. SB304
HB1193 Changes to tax credits for research activities: Extends the repeal date, Adds an unspecified amount cap amount, Consolidates the survey and certification requirements.
HB1202 Requires employers to provide a minimum amount of paid sick leave and supplemental paid sick leave to employees under certain public health emergency conditions.
HB1203 Establishes an employer child care tax credit.
HB1211 Increases the conveyance tax rate for certain properties.
HB1223 Establishes a teacher loan program, Allows the loan to be forgiven after 5 yearsof teaching in a hard-to-fill position. SB1137
HB1237 Establish a green user fee program to collect user fees for certain state parks.
HB1252 Requires that electric vehicle ready parking for new construction be integrated as a criterion in the low-income housing tax credit qualified allocation plan. SB1460
HB1273 Repeals Chapters 236D and 236E inheritance and estate tax.
HB1314 Requires productions to provide evidence of reasonable efforts to comply with all requirements to qualify for the motion picture digital media, and film production income tax
HB1327 Establishes a state income tax credit for qualified expenses for educational supplies purchased by educators.
HB1351 Amends the conveyance tax by adding a fee schedule for properties that are sold by foreign entities or non-resident foreign nationals.
HB1352 Establishes the short-time compensation program. SB925
HB1362 Authorizes certain entities to elect to pay Hawaiʻi income tax at the entity level through pass-through entities. SB1437
HB1363 Extends the period in which a county may adopt a surcharge on state tax, Temporarily authorizes counties to amend the rates and uses of the surcharge.
HB1364 Renames the refundable food/excise tax credit and makes the credit nonrefundable. Authorizes the Department of Taxation to issue the tax credit to taxpayers.
HB1368 Expands the Hospital Sustainability Program and makes the program permanent. Increases the fee cap on various hospital sustainability fees. SB404
HB1369 Makes permanent and amends the Nursing Facility Sustainability Program.  Repeals chapter 346E, Hawaii Revised Statutes, relating to the Nursing Facility Tax. SB314
HB1375 Establishes the destination management agency. Establishes the tourism special fund, which receives an allocation from TAT revenue. Repeals the Hawaiʻi tourism authority.
HB1383 Establishes Agricultural import replacement tax credit.
HB1384 Establishes Manufacturing development tax credit.
HB1410 Establishes a reverse vending machine endowment subaccount within the deposit beverage container deposit special fund to purchase and maintain reverse vending machines.
HB1415 Requires the PUC to administer an electric vehicle charging system loan program for installing eligible electric vehicle charging systems.
HB1447 Establishes Native plant preservation tax credit.
HB1456 Conforms state debt limit statements law to include tax increment bonds if a constitutional amendment authorizes. SB1101
HB1471 Amends the income tax law to apply to the total income of certain nonresident employees who telework. SB1116
HB1483 Reduces and eliminates GET for the sale of groceries that are eligible under SNAP/WIC. Reduces and eliminates GET on nonprescription drugs, medical supplies, and durable medical equipment . SB1118
HB1507 Ensures that the $600,000,000 appropriated to the department of Hawaiian home lands in Act 279, Session Laws of Hawaiʻi 2022, is available for expenditure until June 30, 2025. SB1582
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