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ThinkTech Hawaii: Love-Hate Relationship with P3 (Talking Tax)

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Public-Private Partnerships. The hosts for this show are Jay Fidell and Tom Yamachika.

Our state has a love-hate relationship with public-private partnerships (P3). P3s are where public (government) interests and funds partner with private companies to cooperate and share risks and benefits.

The most recent and visible example is our iconic Aloha Stadium.

This turn-around in the middle of the project is unfortunate. But it is not the only instance of P3s getting sacked. The debate about P3s seems to have many elements that are similar to the debate about privatizing some government services.

Would it be justifiable if P3 can provide those goods or services at lower cost to the taxpayers without an appreciable reduction in quality? Would it be justifiable if the vendor is as transparent and accountable to the public as the government agency is or was? If we think it is good for our State, what risk is there that in a few years the government leaders will change and pull out the rug?

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