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Here’s What We’re Following (Senate)

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Each year, thousands of bills are introduced in the House and the Senate.  It’s typical for the same bill to be introduced in both houses, in which case they get two different bill numbers, one for each.  Bills then proceed through the House and Senate, and may be amended, sometimes quite substantially.

It sometimes takes us a while to catch up to the Legislature, so please be patient!  During bill introduction we update this page often.

We are following  138 House bills out of  1119
We are following  128 Senate bills out of  1386
  266   2505

More information on each bill can be found on the State Legislature’s Website or in our Legislative Tax Bill Service (login required).  We will prepare detailed information in the Legislative Tax Bill Service when a bill is scheduled for hearing in a House or Senate committee.

2/1/2022 Reviewed Through SB3386
  This Year’s Bills Start at SB2001
  Highest Numbered Bill Now SB3386
Bill No. Brief Description Package Identifier
SB2007 Carbon emissions tax on aviation fuel.  
SB2009 Tax credit for fire sprinkler system State Fire Council
SB2020 Restricts GET wholesale rate to where subsequent sale is at retail rate.  
SB2051 Allows counties as well as the State to impose traffic fines. Haw. St. Ass’n of Counties
SB2053 Requires DOTAX to administer county TA taxes. Haw. St. Ass’n of Counties
SB2054 Climate change mitigation impact fee on rental motor vehicles. Haw. St. Ass’n of Counties
SB2055 Allows counties to increase registration fees for non-rental vehicles. Haw. St. Ass’n of Counties
SB2063 Tax credit for affordable housing prioritizing veteran tenants.  
SB2079 Withholding tax for loan-out companies for productions in Hawaii  
SB2098 Establishes a green fee surcharge on TAT Maui County Council
SB2102 Climate change mitigation impact fee on rental motor vehicles. Maui County Council
SB2165 Increase low income household renters credit and index for inflation.  
SB2167 Tax credit for film infrastructure.  
SB2185 Consumer fireworks tax, retail and wholesale, 10% of sales price.  
SB2206 Small business hiring tax credit.  
SB2211 Sugar-sweetened beverage fee program.  
SB2237 Conveyance tax hike.  
SB2238 Establishes housing savings account system for state employees.  
SB2240 “Flipping surcharge” 25% of proceeds for resale of residential property in 5 years.  
SB2242 Increases income tax.  Exempts unemployment payments.  
SB2246 Conveyance tax vacancy surcharge.  Disallows REIT dividends paid deduction.  
SB2255 Eliminates mortgage interest deduction for second homes for Hawaii purposes.  
SB2278 Includes electronic smoking devices in tobacco tax.  
SB2303 Allows taxpayers with annual GET liability of $100 or less to skip periodic returns.  
sb2309 Waiver program for income tax on out of state gambling winnings.  
sb2331 For liquor tax allows seltzer beverages to qualify for the rate on beer.  
SB2337 Requires new income tax credits to sunset in 5 years or reduce 1/3 per year.  
SB2351 Increases conveyance tax earmark to land conservation fund.  
SB2353 Income tax exclusion for farming activities.  
SB2358 Provides that camper vans are a transient accommodation subject to TAT.  
SB2365 Establishes gaming corporation as government entity immune from taxation.  
SB2376 Requires licensees to pay for cigarette tax stamps upon purchase (no deferral).  
SB2377 Civil penalty for failure to respond to a request for information during an audit.  
SB2378 Changes taxation board of review to 3 state employees.  
SB2379 Allows DOTAX special enforcement section to examine any sector of the economy, etc.  
SB2380 Allows greater accumulation in tax administration special fund.  
SB2389 Establishes a wealth asset tax on all assets of a taxpayer.  
SB2431 GET exemption for feminine hygiene products.  
SB2434 Renewable fuels production tax credit.  
SB2435 Clarification of important agricultural land tax credit and extension.  
SB2441 Establishes a 10c per drink surcharge on the liquor tax.  
SB2455 Regulates cannabis.  Exempts medical cannabis from GET.  
SB2475 Clarifies GET exemption for GET stevedoring services, wharfage, demurrage.  
SB2476 Changes taxation board of review to 3 state employees.  
SB2478 Reinstates renewable fuels production tax credit.  
SB2485 Increases income tax on capital gains.  Makes EITC refundable and permanent.  
SB2491 Repeals vehicle license recovery fees for rental vehicles.  
SB2498 Affordable housing GET exemption disqualified if financing from HHFDC.  
SB2508 New tax on gross rents for taxpayers owning more than 10 rentals or 25 properties.  
SB2509 Repeals GET exemption for genetically engineered agricultural products in an EZ.  
SB2511 Extends renewable energy credit to firm renewable energy systems.  
SB2524 Expands disabled veteran exemption from vehicle registration fees.  
SB2533 Removes cap on conveyance tax earmark to land conservation fund.  
SB2547 Establishes GET surcharge on owner allowing residential realty to remain vacant.  
SB2548 Establishes refundable TAT credit for Hawaii taxpayers.  
SB2555 Hikes advance disposal fee on glass containers other than deposit beverage containers.  
SB2568 Disqualifies motion picture/TV production credit if production compensates State employee.
SB2571 GET exemption for SNAP- or WIC-eligible foods.  
SB2572 Subjects U-drive vehicles to same registration fees as other motor vehicles.  
SB2599 Tightens tax credit for research activities with cap on taxpayer and affiliates.  
SB2610 Reinstates income tax credit for cesspool upgrade.  
SB2654 Income tax credit for water rationing systems.  
SB2691 Enhances food/excise tax credit for seniors 65+ with lower incomes.  
SB2702 Increases conveyance tax on real property valued at $2M+.  
SB2721 Subjects aviation fuel to the barrel tax.  
SB2722 Prohibits real property tax on realty used for production or storage of renewable energy sold to a utility.  
SB2732 Expands barrel tax to include carbon emissions, establishes tax credit.  
SB2739 Reforms to deposit beverage container program.  
SB2752 Income tax credit for taxpayers required to fill and seal abandoned wells on their property.  
SB2753 Income tax credit for employee blood donations.  
SB2754 Income tax credit to promote blood donations.  
SB2813 Increases cap on conveyance tax earmarked to rental housing revolving fund.  
SB2837 Income tax check-off for spay and neuter special fund.  
SB2840 Requires corporations to include all foreign subsidiaries in taxable income.  
SB2841 GET exemption for agricultural products, OTC drugs, menstrual products.  Surtaxes luxury cars.  
SB2860 Tax credit for water catchment system.  
SB2863 GET exemption for feminine hygiene products.  
SB2866 Establishes sustainable aviation fuel program and earmarks barrel tax revenue to fund it.  
SB2879 Requires landlords to provide tax clearance before getting writ of possession.  
SB2881 Allows DOTAX nonjudicial foreclosure of vacant properties with state tax liens.  
SB2904 Extends low-income housing tax credit program for 6 years to 12/31/202  
SB2926 Requires DBEDT to study potential tax revenues from legalizing recreational marijuana.  
SB2950 Imposes an inspection fee on imported agricultural projects and puts it into special fund.  
SB2954 GET exemption for feminine hygiene products.  
SB2967 Extends important agricultural lands credit until 12/31/2031.  
SB2983 GET exemption for first $100,000 of income derived from taro.  
SB2995 Tax credit for upgrades of cesspools.  
SB3012 Requires DLNR to establish a visitor green fee program.  
SB3016 Establishes new public wireless safety surcharge.  
SB3040 [AGS-07] Procurement Policy Board; Establishes special fund for automated procurement system Governor
SB3051 [BED-06] Tightening up Tax Credit for Research Activities Governor
SB3053 [BED-09] Con Am; authorizes counties to issue tax increment bonds Governor
SB3054 [BED-10] Expands funding sources and authorized uses of the Hawaii Film and Creative Industries Development Special Fund Governor
SB3055 [BED-11] Extends current sunset date of the motion picture, digital media, and film production income tax credit Governor
SB3056 [BED-13] Allows property owners to finance qualified improvements through a non-ad valorem property assessment. Governor
SB3058 [BED-15] Low-moderate income zero-emission vehicle rebate program Governor
SB3074 [BUF-17] Makes an appropriation of $1 billion into the rainy day fund. Governor
SB3075 [CCA-01] Earmarks franchise tax to feed compliance resolution fund; if less than $2M, takes from income tax revenues. Governor
SB3099 [GOV-01] Extends state earned income tax credit until tax year 2028. Governor
SB3100 [GOV-02] Constitutional Tax Refund for Resident Taxpayers Governor
SB3101 [HHL-03] GET exemption for homestead development for DHHL Governor
SB3119 [HTH-17] Tobacco products, increases license and permit fees for retailers. Governor
SB3120 [HTH-23] Eliminate the ceiling on the office of healthcare assurance special fund, to “reduce dependence on the general fund.” Governor
SB3121 [HTH-25] Increases vehicle registration fee to fund accessible parking special account Governor
SB3128 [LBR-04] Amends definition of “adequate reserve fund”, for SUI purposes, to exclude benefit cost rate from 6/2020-8/2021, effective through 2030. Governor
SB3143 [TAX-01] Conforms Hawaii income and estate and generation-skipping transfer tax laws Governor
SB3144 [TAX-02] Clarifies procedure before State Taxation Board of Review. Governor
SB3145 [TAX-03] Administrative changes related to electronic filing, electronic funds transfers, tax clearances, interest rates and non resident withholding.  Significant enhancement of penalties. Governor
SB3146 [TAX-04] Requires laws that create, modify, or extend a tax benefit to contain detailed information.  Allows public disclosure of identity and amount of any benefiting taxpayer. Governor
SB3147 [TAX-05] Allows DoTax to apply to convert tax liens to civil judgments. Governor
SB3149 [TRN-02] Exempts State from payment of county stormwater user fees. Governor
SB3170 Allows county fuel taxes to be used to maintain substandard private subdivision roads.  
SB3175 Conveyance tax surcharge on prolonged vacant property.  
SB3182 Establishes a wealth asset tax on all assets of a taxpayer.  
SB3192 Establishes within DLNR a visitor green fee program.  
SB3193 Retroactively restores foreign trade zone exemption for state taxes.  
SB3201 Adopts federal definition of unrelated trade or business for GET purposes.  
SB3208 Expansion of healthcare preceptor income tax credit.  
SB3232 Establishes a separate GET rate for  a business’s first five years of operation.  
SB3233 GET exemption for fresh fruits and vegetables.  
SB3250 Income tax surcharge on high income individuals, estates, and trusts.  
SB3271 Regulation of peer-to-peer car sharing and amendments to vehicle surcharge tax.  
SB3283 Reorganizes Department of Taxation.  
SB3289 Hawaii Retirement Savings Program established for private sector employees.  
SB3291 Adjustment of definition of employee for labor law purposes, and maybe for tax.  
SB3292 Imposes a non-ad valorem property tax assessment.  
SB3309 Revisor’s Bill (affects chapter 249)  
SB3313 State mileage-based road user fee.  
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