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Here’s What We’re Following (House)

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Each year, thousands of bills are introduced in the House and the Senate.  It’s typical for the same bill to be introduced in both houses, in which case they get two different bill numbers, one for each.  Bills then proceed through the House and Senate, and may be amended, sometimes quite substantially.

We are following  138 House bills out of  1119
We are following  128 Senate bills out of  1386
  266   2505

It sometimes takes us a while to catch up to the Legislature, so please be patient!  We update this page often during bill introduction.

More information on each bill can be found on the State Legislature’s Website or in our Legislative Tax Bill Service (login required).  We will prepare detailed information in the Legislative Tax Bill Service when a bill is scheduled for hearing in a House or Senate committee.

2/1/2022 Reviewed Through HB2516
  This Year’s Bills Start at HB1398
  Highest Numbered Bill Now HB2516
Bill No. Brief Description Package Identifier
HB1407 Restricts GET wholesale rate to where subsequent sale is at retail rate.  
HB1439 Establishes a green fee surcharge on TAT Maui County Council
HB1448 Allows counties as well as the State to impose traffic fines. Haw. St. Ass’n of Counties
HB1450 Requires DOTAX to administer county TA taxes. Haw. St. Ass’n of Counties
HB1451 Climate change mitigation impact fee on rental motor vehicles. Haw. St. Ass’n of Counties
HB1452 Allows counties to increase registration fees for non-rental vehicles. Haw. St. Ass’n of Counties
HB1476 Tax credit for fire sprinkler system State Fire Council
HB1490 Civil penalty for failure to respond to a request for information during an audit.  
HB1491 Requires licensees to pay for cigarette tax stamps upon purchase (no deferral).  
HB1492 Civil penalty for failure to respond to a request for information during an audit.  
HB1493 Allows greater accumulation in tax administration special fund.  
HB1494 Allows DOTAX special enforcement section to examine any sector of the economy, etc.  
HB1495 Disqualifies motion picture/TV production credit if production compensates State employee.  
HB1505 Increases income tax.  Exempts unemployment payments. Working Families Legis. Caucus
HB1507 Increases income tax on capital gains.  Makes EITC refundable and permanent. Working Families Legis. Caucus
HB1512 Establishes a green fee surcharge on TAT  
HB1513 Increase low income household renters credit and index for inflation.  
HB1522 Requires PUC to estimate social cost of carbon.  
HB1556 Blood donation income tax credit.  
HB1557 Tax credit for blood donations at employer sponsored blood drive.  
HB1569 Increases the income cutoff threshold for food/excise tax credit.  
HB1590 GET exemption for SNAP- or WIC-eligible foods.  
HB1610 Income tax check-off for spay and neuter special fund.  
HB1618 Establishes a 10c per drink surcharge on the liquor tax.  
HB1627 Clarifies GET exemption for GET stevedoring services, wharfage, demurrage.  
HB1631 Refundable credit for water catchment system.  
HB1636 GET exemption for feminine hygiene products.  
HB1637 Prohibits real property tax on land used for energy production sold to public utility.  
HB1639 Imposes a carbon tax on aviation fuel.  Adds tax credit for lower income taxpayers.  
HB1661 Tobacco tax at reduced rate on modified risk tobacco products.  
HB1687 Allows counties to increase registration fees for non-rental vehicles.  
HB1688 Subjects U-drive vehicles to same registration fees as other motor vehicles.  
HB1702 Exemption for capital gains if taxpayer is 65 or older.  
HB1709 Tax credit for whole house water filter system.  
HB1764 Housing savings accounts for all state employees.  
HB1772 Conveyance tax surcharge on prolonged vacant property. Progressive Caucus
HB1802 Requires DLNR to establish a visitor green fee program. Environmental Legislative Caucus
HB1809 Renewable fuels production tax credit.  
HB1815 Allows sports gambling.  Imposes a 55% wagering tax.  
HB1819 No refundable child tax credit.  
HB1820 Casino gaming.  Includes wagering tax on gross receipts.  
HB1828 Changes taxation board of review to 3 state employees.  
HB1839 Provides that camper vans are a transient accommodation subject to TAT.  
HB1896 Expands the grounds to determine employment relationship for DLIR and tax purposes  
HB1904 GET exemption for fresh fruits and vegetables.  
HB1907 Regulates cannabis.  Exempts medical cannabis from GET. Progressive Caucus
HB1919 GET exemption for food, medical services, and feminine hygiene products House Minority Caucus
HB1925 Includes electronic smoking devices in tobacco tax.  
HB1926 Retroactively restores foreign trade zone exemption for state taxes.  
HB1936 Renames Hawaii’s Electric Vehicle Charging System Rebate Program; Adds the installation and upgrade of hydrogen refueling stations  
HB1940 Establishes and makes an appropriation for an early child care worker subsidy pilot program.  
HB1941 Requires the department of education to establish grant programs for community schools.  
HB1945 Requires the Department of Human Services to establish a neighbor islands blind and visually impaired service pilot program  
HB1947 Requires the auditor to conduct a financial audit of the deposit beverage container program and the Department of Health’s expenditures from that fund  
HB1948 Exempts state residents from the transient accommodations tax.  
HB1950 Increases from $1,000 to $2,000 the maximum fine for the petty misdemeanor offense of criminal littering.  
HB1951 Authorizes candidates of inactive campaigns and their candidate committees to donate residual campaign funds to the State or the counties.  
HB1958 Provides annual increases to the minimum wage rate beginning on 01/01/2023 through 01/01/2029.  
HB1959 Adjusts the tip credit beginning on 1/1/2023. Repeals the tip credit on 1/1/2025.  
HB1960 Clarifies the GET exemption for unrelated trade or business activities of nonprofit organizations  
HB1964 Requires that a current GET license number for any rental income be filed with the complaint to the court for summary possession proceedings.   
HB1971 Authorizes peer-to-peer car-sharing and establishes regulations thereof. Imposes the car-sharing surcharge tax on peer-to-peer car-sharing programs.  
HB1975 Amends the definitions to improve accessibility for providers to receive income tax credits for acting as preceptors.  
HB1982 Establishes a tax withholding requirement for all payments to loan-out companies.  
HB1996 Amends requirements of annual non general fund program measures report and non-general fund cost element report.  
HB1997 Appropriates funds into the emergency and budget reserve fund.  
HB2002 Reinstates the renewable fuels production tax credit.  
HB2003 Expands the renewable energy technologies income tax credit.  
HB2019 Specifies that the allocation of the state bond ceiling to the State shall be used entirely for housing related projects.  
HB2020 Appropriates $5,000,000 in general funds into the affordable homeownership revolving fund.  
HB2023 Authorizes GO bonds and appropriates funds for certain transit-oriented development projects.  
HB2040 Establishes the Hawaii Lottery and Gaming Corporation and Special Fund.  
HB2041 Increases the percentage of the land conservation fund that may be used for costs related to the operation, maintenance, and management of lands.  
HB2043 Creates an exclusion from income tax for annual income earned by a farmer from farming activities.  
HB2046 Establishes the Hawaii Retirement Savings Program.  
HB2048 Establishes a property assessed clean energy program. Increases a property’s tax assessment to make loan payments.  
HB2054 Authorizes the HTDC to temporarily re-establish the Hawaii Office of Naval Research Grant Program. Establishes the alternative energy research and development revolving fund.   
HB2060 Requires the HTA to prepare a form informing visitors of the mission of the DHHL that includes option to contribute a sum earmarked for infrastructure and residential lots on Hawaiian home lands.  
HB2061 Adds new sources of revenues generated by the State Veterinary Laboratory and Animal Disease Control Branch as sources for the Animal Industry Special Fund.  
HB2064 Reinstates and extends Important Agricultural Lands Qualified Agricultural Cost Tax Credit   
HB2072 [AGS-07] Procurement Policy Board; Establishes special fund for automated procurement system Governor
HB2083 [BED-06] Tightening up Tax Credit for Research Activities Governor
HB2085 [BED-09] Con Am; authorizes counties to issue tax increment bonds Governor
HB2086 [BED-10] Expands funding sources and authorized uses of the Hawaii Film and Creative Industries Development Special Fund Governor
HB2087 [BED-11] Extends current sunset date of the motion picture, digital media, and film production income tax credit Governor
HB2088 [BED-13] Allows property owners to finance qualified improvements through a non-ad valorem property assessment. Governor
HB2090 [BED-15] Low-moderate income zero-emission vehicle rebate program Governor
HB2106 [BUF-17] Makes an appropriation of $1 billion into the rainy day fund. Governor
HB2107 [CCA-01] Earmarks franchise tax to feed compliance resolution fund; if less than $2M, takes from income tax revenues. Governor
HB2131 [GOV-01] Extends state earned income tax credit until tax year 2028. Governor
HB2132 [GOV-02] Constitutional Tax Refund for Resident Taxpayers Governor
HB2133 [HHL-03] GET exemption for homestead development for DHHL Governor
HB2151 [HTH-17] Tobacco products, increases license and permit fees for retailers. Governor
HB2152 [HTH-23] Eliminate the ceiling on the office of healthcare assurance special fund, to “reduce dependence on the general fund.” Governor
HB2153 [HTH-25] Increases vehicle registration fee to fund accessible parking special account Governor
HB2160 [LBR-04] Amends definition of “adequate reserve fund”, for SUI purposes, to exclude benefit cost rate from 6/2020-8/2021, effective through 2030. Governor
HB2175 [TAX-01] Conforms Hawaii income and estate and generation-skipping transfer tax laws Governor
HB2176 [TAX-02] Clarifies procedure before State Taxation Board of Review. Governor
HB2177 [TAX-03] Administrative changes related to electronic filing, electronic funds transfers, tax clearances, interest rates and non resident withholding.  Significant enhancement of penalties. Governor
HB2178 [TAX-04] Requires laws that create, modify, or extend a tax benefit to contain detailed information.  Allows public disclosure of identity and amount of any benefiting taxpayer. Governor
HB2179 [TAX-05] Allows DoTax to apply to convert tax liens to civil judgments. Governor
HB2181 [TRN-02] Exempts State from payment of county stormwater user fees. Governor
HB2190 Extension for DOA to certify IAL agricultural costs tax credit  
HB2195 Cesspool compliance grants for low-moderate income property owners  
HB2196 Reimbursement to homeowners for cost of debris clearance for stream maintenance to prevent flooding  
HB2212 Reduces taxable income by means of contributions to a first time home buyer savings account  
HB2215 Establishes tax credit for employers that create on-site early childhood facilities  
HB2216 Creates Dependent care flexible spending accounts, allows deduction from gross income   
HB2226 Tax Credit for Research Activities; high technology business  
HB2228 Creates a nonrefundable twenty percent film infrastructure tax credit.  
HB2233 Provides housing assistance subsidies to TANF/TAONF participants in first to work program  
HB2236 Requires that new income tax credits include a five-year sunset or a gradual 3 reduction over a three-year period.  
HB2245 Establishes Visitor Green fee program  
HB2246 State Highway Enforcement program surcharge   
HB2262 Establishes an income tax credit for water rationing systems.  
HB2264 GET surcharge on sales of non-medical marijuana if authorized by county  
HB2278 Changes barrel tax into carbon tax, enacts tax credit.  
HB2306 Establishes fee for the inspection, quarantine, and eradication of invasive species.  
HB2322 Lowers the state barrel tax from $1.05 to $0.20.  
HB2323 Temporarily reduces employer contribution rates for unemployment insurance.  Effective for 2022-2024.  
HB2325 GET exemption for business development in Pearl-City Aiea and Waipahu opportunity zones.  Also tax credit for upgrading infrastructure.  
HB2334 Temporarily reduces employer contribution rates for unemployment insurance.  Effective for 2022-2024.  
HB2370 For liquor tax allows seltzer beverages to qualify for the rate on beer.  
HB2389 Adjustment of individual income tax brackets.  
HB2402 Establishes a separate GET rate for a business’s first five years of operation.  
HB2406 Makes the earned income tax credit refundable and permanent.  
HB2414 GET exemption for manufacture, production, packaging, and sale of diapers.  
HB2437 Tax credit for physicians, osteopaths, and nurses practicing in the State.  
HB2466 GET exemption for first $100,000 of income derived from taro.  
HB2469 Establishes unemployment compensation insolvency special fund.  
HB2471 Provides that “adequate reserve fund” for SUI purposes excludes benefit cost rate from 6/2020 – 8/2021.  Effective through 2030.  
HB2478 Tax credit for employers who create on-site early childhood facilities.  
HB2506  ConAm to authorize the legislature to freeze any increase in residential property tax.  
HB2507 ConAm to require a 2/3 supermajority voting requirement for the legislature to raise the minimum wage and pass new or increased taxes.  
HB2508 Repeal inheritance and estate taxes.  
HB2509 Increases conveyance tax on nonresident noncitizens, creates tax credit for real estate transfer for residents.  
HB2510 Omnibus bill to raise minimum wage and enhance credits for low-income taxpayers.  
HB2511 Creates Hawaiian home lands special fund, appropriates $600 million to it.  
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