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Pacific Business News: WHO & WHAT TO WATCH IN 2022

“If you haven’t bookmarked the Tax Foundation of Hawaii as a go-to resource yet, you should, President Tom Yamachika has a steady eye on the tax policies of Hawaii state and county government, as well as at the judiciary, that directly your business.

“We welcome the news that the State’s revenue picture has been rosier than expected, which means that lawmakers will have less motivation to put through broad-based tax hikes,” he told PBN about 2022. “Yet we have been hearing rumblings about resurrecting some of the tax hikes that were considered last session.”

Business may get a break in that, he said, since in his experience, the Legislature generally hesitates to pass tax increases in an election year.”

Read the full article here: https://www.bizjournals.com/pacific/news/2021/12/30/who-and-what-to-watch-in-2022.html

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