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ThinkTech Hawaii: DOE Tyranny (Talking Tax)

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No, They Aren’t God. The host for this show is Jay Fidell. The guest is Tom Yamachika.

In recent weeks, it’s been no secret that the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) has had some concerns about their working conditions. Schools are about to start up again with in-person instruction. Teachers are then supposed to be teaching a bunch of random kids, few of whom may be vaccinated because vaccines only recently have been approved for early teenagers and still aren’t approved for kids under 12. Oh, and then some teachers are concerned about vaccine mandates. So HSTA filed a “class grievance” – basically a labor complaint – and asked for some dialogue with the Department of Education (DOE) about this. DOE’s response basically told HSTA to go away because the rules were suspended per Governor’s proclamation.

Can DOE simply tear up the HSTA contract in that fashion?

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