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ThinkTech Hawaii: The Time Tax (Talking Tax)

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Government Takes Your Money and Time Too.

The host for this episode is Jay Fidell. The guest for this episode is Tom Yamachika.

“The Atlantic” argues persuasively that government not only taxes people by taking their money, but also imposes administrative burdens that waste countless precious hours of people’s time. American benefit programs are, as a whole, difficult and sometimes impossible for everyday citizens to use. Our red tape entangles millions of people who are struggling to find a job, failing to feed their kids, sliding into poverty, or managing a disabling health condition.

Nationally, the time tax is regressive, falling most heavily on the poor, the less educated, the ethnic minorities. Agencies implementing the laws want to weed out the fraudsters and the liars, and those otherwise unworthy. As a result, claimants, if they find out about the benefit at all, face an uphill battle between navigating through complex qualification requirements and dealing with an agency that is more focused on having a claimant run the gauntlet than in cooperating to get that claimant the benefits allowed by law.

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