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Walden v. Hi`ilei Aloha LLC — The Documents

This case was brought by Andrew Walden, the publisher of Hawaii Free Press, against Hi’ilei Aloha LLC, Ho’okele Pono LLC, and Hi’ipaka LLC, limited liability companies that are each wholly owned by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.  We’ve written about these companies before in an article called, “Can Government Avoid Its Responsibilities with LLCs?” Walden seeks an order compelling the entities to produce requested financial records.  The entities counter that they are not government agencies under the Uniform Information Practices Act.

The Foundation will be arguing that agencies cannot be allowed to subvert transparency requirements, essentially hiding financial information from the Legislature and the public, by simply creating new and wholly owned and controlled entities.

We will be posting documents filed in the Circuit Court of the First Circuit case.  The initial Application and opposition are rather large documents because they contain many exhibits.

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