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Governor Releases Intent to Veto List

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Gov. David Ige notified legislative leaders and key lawmakers that nine bills are on the Intent to Veto list. The Hawai‘i State Constitution requires the governor to give notice to the Legislature by June 27.

On July 12, any measure that has not been signed or vetoed by Gov. Ige will become law with or without his signature.

The tax/public finance bills to make the list are:



The intent of this measure is to allow transient accommodations brokers to register as tax collection agents with the state. This would allow companies such as Airbnb to collect and remit general excise and transient accommodations taxes on behalf of the hosts and visitors who use their services.


Rationale: We believe there could be unintended consequences of this proposed measure. Vacation rentals fall under the city’s jurisdiction. In order for this bill to work as intended, counties must more actively enforce their own laws on vacation rentals before they claim additional tax revenues.

Previous commentary on this bill:  Transient Vacation Rentals

SB2077 SD1 HD2 CD2           RELATING TO SEPARATION BENEFITS (Maui Region hospitals transition)


This measure offers benefits to Hawai‘i Health Systems Corporation employees facing position abolishment, reduction-in-force or workforce restructuring.


Rationale: This measure is still undergoing fiscal, legal, and policy review at this time.

Previous commentary on this bill:  So What Will We Do Next for Maui Hospital Workers?

The full list of nine bills can be found here.

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