The Tax Foundation of Hawaii, a private nonprofit, nonpartisan, educational organization has, for the past 70 years, encouraged efficiency and economy in government and has promoted an equitable tax system that encourages and maintains economic growth and stability in Hawaii.

It works with public officials, private organizations, and individuals in an effort to improve the methods, systems, and procedures of public administration. It serves as a clearing house by collecting and analyzing data concerning governmental finances and taxation, and disseminates this information to the public through reports available online and through newspaper articles, radio and television broadcasts.

It provides an analysis of all tax legislation introduced during the legislative session in the Legislative Tax Bill Service. It was led by the venerable Lowell L. Kalapa until his untimely demise in December 2013, and is now striving to continue providing exemplary service to numerous businesses and key governmental entities.

Mission Statement

To promote and encourage efficiency and economy in Hawaii governments through unbiased, non-political studies and surveys of a factual nature, making available and disseminating such information and data by publications, reports, talks, the radio and television.

Vision Statement

We envision a government of the State of Hawaii where its public is adequately informed about state and county government finances, and its policymakers about the consequences of their proposals – so that government is efficient and economical, and its tax system is fair and equitable.

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