The Tax Foundation of Hawaii is a private, nonprofit educational organization dedicated to informing the public, more specifically the taxpayer, which means all of us, about the finances of our state and local governments in Hawaii.

This means we look at how government raises the money it spends, be it taxes, user fees, or borrowing money through the use of debt. The Foundation attempts to unravel the mystery of the state budget with an annual review of legislative actions appropriating various funds for state programs and projects. While the bulk of our attention is garnered by state actions as it is at that level that the overwhelming array of services are provided by government in Hawaii, the Foundation also keeps a watchful eye on county governments as they annually set real property tax rates in order to fund their respective budgets.

There is no other organization in the state of Hawaii which has so comprehensively and consistently followed government finances over the years from its last days as a territory to all of its years as a fledgling state.

If you would like to support the Foundation’s effort to inform and educate the taxpaying public and public policymakers alike, please consider a gift to the Tax Foundation of Hawaii. Your contribution is 100% tax-deductible. Again, the Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization and because it is critical for us to be independent of government, we do not accept any government funds. So your contribution is important to keeping the efforts of the Foundation going and to continue working for you – the taxpayer.

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