Honolulu Grants in Aid

By Tom Yamachika, President In line with our recent focus on nonprofit organizations, this week we take a look at the way in which some of those organizations are supported by the Honolulu government. In 2012, the Honolulu City Council … Read More

Public Charter Schools

By Tom Yamachika, President Many of us have heard about “charter schools” here in Hawaii.  Charter schools present an alternative to regular public schools under the state Department of Education (DOE), in that they have the freedom to teach students … Read More

Why Do We Tax Shipping?

By Tom Yamachika, President Many of the studies that have compared Hawaii against the rest of the country have focused on our insanely high cost of living.  Much of the latter is caused by geography.  We’re on islands in the … Read More

How Taxes Work

By Tom Yamachika, President This is a thought-provoking piece that appeared on the Internet some years ago.  There are variations of this story floating around, and the investigative website snopes.com concluded that the actual author is still unknown. Every day, … Read More

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