Fuel for Thought

By Tom Yamachika, President   Our Department of Transportation (HIDOT) was recently in the news because it won a $4 million federal grant to come up with a “reimagining” of the taxes we currently pay to support our highways and … Read More

Mythbusting HART, Part 1

By Tom Yamachika, President   With all of the recent discussion about HART and the Honolulu rail project, there have been quite a few assertions that people have been playing fast and loose with facts.  Some of the statements made … Read More

GEMS as a Target for Raiding?

By Tom Yamachika, President With all of the financing challenges facing our state government, it is very tempting when lawmakers find a large cache of unused money.  As the old expression goes, in the spring a young (man’s) lawmaker’s fancy … Read More

The Little Engine that Could?

By Tom Yamachika, President When we think about everything that is happening with government and public finance, it’s daunting to add up the numbers that are being bandied about – a hundred million to cool the schools, billions in unfunded … Read More

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