By Tom Yamachika, President   This year’s legislative session, as in many others, considers many and varied forms of tax relief.  Terms being bandied about include exemptions, deductions, and tax credits, and among tax credits there are the “CreditAbles” – … Read More

Obamacare Heavy

By Tom Yamachika, President   One of the ideas now working its way through our legislative system addresses the fate of Obamacare in Hawaii.  Many are concerned that our federal government will be changing the federal Affordable Care Act, sometimes … Read More

UHERO Slams the Skim

By Tom Yamachika, President On February 2, an interesting report was released by the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization, also known as UHERO.  It examined the “administrative fee” of 10% that is now being skimmed off the General Excise … Read More

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