So What Really Is a Resort Fee?

It’s July 2019, and already we are starting to see laws passed in the 2019 Legislature take effect. One of these laws concerns “resort fees” that hotels both here and in other states and countries have been charging their guests. … Read More

Do We Have a Legitimate Government?

Every so often, the news reports on people who deny the legitimacy of the government we have here in Hawaii. “We’re not subject to those laws,” they say, “so we don’t have to follow rules or pay taxes.”  It pains … Read More

The Tax on Ghost Homes

The Hawaii State Tax Watch Doggie is discussing a new Honolulu property tax proposal with his wife, the consummate researcher. Q:  I thought we had enough problems trying to tax the usage of real property. Now the City and County … Read More

It’s the Economy, Stupid

“It’s the Economy, Stupid” is a catchphrase made famous by Bill Clinton when he ran for president in 1992 and won. Recently, we have been getting lots of news about our economy here in the islands, and none of it … Read More

HI-5 – Have We Stopped the Leakage Yet?

Just three months ago, the Hawaii State Auditor released the latest in a series of reports over the years on the Hawaii Deposit Beverage Container Program, known as HI-5.  That report, No. 19-08, basically said, “Look.  We’ve issued four audit … Read More

DOE, Fork Over That General Ledger!

The Hawaii State Tax Watch Doggie’s son has come home from school, and today he has a few more questions than usual. Q. Dad! What’s a general ledger? A. Grrr…I’m trying to write an article here. Why don’t you ask … Read More

Shining Light on Revenue Estimates

At the Legislature, I often hear legislators considering proposed tax legislation ask our Department of Taxation (DOTAX) how much money a certain proposal would bring in (if it’s a “revenue raiser”) or cost (if it’s a tax credit or exemption).  … Read More

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