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This year Tax Freedom Day in Hawaii is April 19.  We are #26 in the nation.  Please click on the banner for the particulars!

Keep up with the Legislature’s activities!  Sign up for the Foundation’s Breakfast Briefings, to be held at key points during our legislative session!  Last briefing on May 17.  

The Tax Foundation of Hawaii is your eye on state taxes. We educate and encourage the efficient and effective use of public funds (our tax dollars) to operate government and deliver public services.  To do that, we conduct extensive research and analysis of city, county, and state finance, budgets, and tax systems, and we track changes in tax law and how taxpayer dollars are used.

Our work is published and distributed as widely as possible and free of charge.  A well-informed public (and this includes lawmakers) that understands the impact of our tax system can more effectively participate in pressing for greater government efficiency and accountability.  That way we know our tax dollars are well spent.

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Efforts in Hawaii to form an organization similar to the Foundation reach back to 1929, the year of the infamous stock market crash that plunged America into the Great Depression.  We were founded in 1953, at a time when government grew larger and more complicated and the tax system to finance it also mushroomed in size and complexity.  With the government we now have, it’s often hard to tell whether we’re getting our money’s worth.  That’s not just your CPA’s problem, because the payment going with that return is coming out of your pocket.

Who we are!

We are a non-partisan, non-political 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to educate taxpayers and lawmakers on how the tax system works, in order to help answer those issues.  We are funded entirely by private sponsorships and donations.  Join us today and strengthen your understanding and your voice in government.